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Aug 1st

Fun Run 2010 - Walton to Clacton Pier

Jun 25th

Love 4 Leala @ Liquor Lounge

Dec 25th

Jump in the Sea @ Clacton Beach

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Dec 27th

Chelmsford to Clacton Bike Ride

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Dec 28th

@ Fibbers Nightclub, Clacton

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Jan 3rd

@ Storm Nightclub, Southend

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Feb 28th

Love 2 Party @ Route, Colchester

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Mar 20th

Love 4 Leala Celebrity Football
Match & After Party

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June 6th

Love 4 Leala - Tour de Tendring

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Aug 8th

Fun Run 2009 - Walton to Clacton Pier

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Nov 29th

Fundraiser @ The Plough

Dec 12th

Love Bubble & Sunday Service

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Leala Milleare is a beautiful, trendy, scatty, funny and funky 29 year old girl who was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in October 2007. Leala sadly lost her battle on June 6th 2009 at St Helena Hospice with her family by her side.

This website was setup as a central location to publish and promote the various Love for Leala fundraising events which aimed to raise money for alternative cancer treatments to help Leala fight her terrible illness. You can read the original chronicled story below.

We would like to thank everybody that took part in one of the many fund raising events for Leala and especially her closest friends who rallied around her in her time of need. Leala took great comfort in knowing that people cared and supported her.

Rest easy now our little Angel and smile again once more.
(Nov 5 1979 - Jun 6 2009) x

Leala's Story - Chapter 1

Leala's Cancer went undetected for 3 years, despite Leala having regular smear tests and following medical treatment for pre-cancerous cells.

Due to the late detection of the tumour, Leala had to undergo a radical hysterectomy at which time her Lymph Nodes were also removed. This was an enormous shock for her.

After her operation Leala had the mammoth task of undergoing chemotherapy & radiotherapy with the hope of eliminating any further Cancer.

Leala was given the "all clear" in May 2008 and began to make plans for her future, and wanted to give something back. She took part in Race for Life for Cancer Research; a 5km run in Colchester, which she completed in 32minutes!!! She rail-roaded all of her friends into jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet for St. Helena Hospice raising over £3500.

Leala then booked her ticket to fulfil her dream to travel around Australia in mid November 2008. However the results of a routine blood test revealed that her liver was showing signs of distress.

Further investigation showed that not only was the Cancer in her liver, but that it had probably been present since the Hysterectomy was carried out. Leala then underwent a full body scan, and it was discovered that Leala also has tumours in both of her lungs.

Leala has researched & researched how to fix herself, as she has been given various medical opinions. She was looking into alternative treatments; however as the cancer is so aggressive she has had to start chemotherapy immediately. This is to reduce the size of the tumors, for Leala to hopefully start complimentary treatments that work along side conventional treatment.

Leala's Story - Chapter 2

Unfortunately the intensive course of chemotherapy did not work for Leala so finding the right clinic to give her the required treatment was imperative. The clinics in the UK were not appropriate for Leala's case, therefore upon further intense research by her parents and friends the clinic was narrowed down to the Leonardis Klinik in Germany: www.leonardis-klinik.de, as this specialises in Cancer of the Liver and Lungs.

The Leonardis Klinik recommended for Leala to stay at the clinic for 3 weeks to receive various alternative treatments. Just to stay at this clinic, before any treatment, costs £1000 per night therefore totaling £21,000. This was required to be paid up-front before any treatment began.

Thanks to all the fund raising events and kind donations a staggering £19,000 has been raised allowing this to happen, and flights were booked for Tuesday 6th January 2009.

On the Friday previous, Leala was advised she had to go to St. Helena's hospice so they could stabilise her pain otherwise she would be too unwell to fly to Germany, so on Saturday 3rd January she was admitted to St. Helena's hospice in Highwoods, Colchester.

The nurses at the Hospice are out of this world.... they made everyone feel so welcome . the more the merrier and the louder the laughter the better (which worked very well for Leala's!). They are so sweet and would do anything for us and willingly.

That night wasn't a good night for Leala to say the least, and unfortunately she was admitted to Colchester General Hospital by 11:00am the next morning. They advised that as the hospice had changed her medication it did not keep the symptoms/pain away. She was back at the hospice by Sunday night back on the necessary medication.

Leala's want for alternative treatment is so great that the thought of this opportunity slipping away was truly terrifying for her, however, another couple of relaxing nights in the hospice with her friends and family was all she needed and in no time she was fit to fly!!!

Her family pulled out all the stops and arranged absolutely everything. They confirmed with the doctors, airport and the clinic that Leala would be safe every step of the way. Leala went with her mum and dad at 3.30pm on Tuesday 6th January as planned.

Leala's text message the following day:

Its fantastic here honestly its beautiful I started immunity treatment already with free radicals and lots of anti oxidants the place is really fab, the doctors are very good indeed, we all have a very good feeling about this, I.ve had blood taken and having more treatment this afternoon. The food is out of this world and we are all very impressed. My phones not working out here at the moment, flight was perfect only an hour, its all wonderful thank you. There's lots of snow here and it's so pretty, I'm gonna get so fit and healthy here its gorgeous!! Wahooooo x.

Leala had a rough night the first night she was there and was taken to a lovely private local hospital where she had a chest x-ray, as she had a very chesty cough and other symptoms. They put her on anti-biotic's and may need to do a biopsy of her liver for further research.

Although she is at the clinic, further tests to find the right solution to cure her will still cost thousands. We still really need to raise as much money as possible so she can have as many tests and treatments as she needs.

Leala is more than grateful for all of her family and friends, and is glad that we have all come together to support her in her time of need. She said that she feels like she is in a love bubble and could not be so strong with your support.

Leala's Story - Chapter 3

So Leala made it safely to Germany and following 3 long weeks of rigorous testing and intense treatments leala returned home to sunny England, although in pain, her fighting spirit remained defiantly intact!

Leala chose the Leonards clinic in the hope to find an alternative treatment to fight her cancer. Chemotherapy, administered in the UK, had proved relatively unsuccessful and excruciating, so when the clinic insisted that Leala embark on yet another course, she was a little disappointed. However, being the determined girl she is, Leala accepted the Doctors expertise and on January 18th began a four day course of intense Chemotherapy. This was administered alongside a multitude of other treatments including an immune boosting therapy, chemotherapy sensitive testing and mistletoe injections. Mistletoe injections destroy multi-resistant cells . this is a vital treatment for someone undergoing ongoing chemotherapy, as the body naturally begins to build a barrier against the chemotherapy and as a result makes the treatment less effective. Mistletoe destroys this newly formed barrier to allow the treatment to continue to work. In addition to these treatments Leala's Doctors carried out meticulous testing in the form of xrays, scans and a biopsy operation in order to identify the exact size and positioning of the tumours and to determine whether the chemotherapy was the correct type for Leala. The findings from these tests unveiled fantastic results . the Doctors discovered that two of the four nodules on Leala's lungs had disappeared and the chemotherapy was the right type . this was amazing news!

Throughout her time at the Clinic Leala was constantly attached to an intravenous drip (which she named Bob!) and was fitted with a cathaport through which numerous infusions were fed, all day every day. In addition to this Leala also received a blood transfusion to restore her energy and give her a much needed boost, as her haemoglobin (red blood cells) were very low! Thankfully, Leala's pain was stabablised without the use of morphine - this was imperative, for the morphine was affecting her bowel movements. Another form of pain relief for Leala was being surrounding by love the whole time . Leala's mum and dad never left her side and Leala's brothers, friends and family flew all the way to Germany to visit their special little lady!

Leala and her parents flew home from Germany on 22nd January, although the stay at the clinic had some success, enduring such vigorous treatments really took its toll on Leala's body and after just a few days of being home, Leala was admitted to St. Helena's Hospice in Colchester to try and stabilise her sickness and relieve the pain. Leala's condition continued to deteriorate and she was therefore transferred to the oncologist unit at the Essex County Hospital. Leala was given another blood transfusion and injections to restore her depleted white blood cell count. Leala remained in Hospital for a week - during this time she was extremely unwell and was unable to see anyone except her parents. Relentless in her battle, Leala made it home to her own bed on Sunday 1st February 2009, where she finally had a really good, pain free, day. The whole ordeal . the treatments/chemotherapy and the return to hospital back in the UK left Leala feeling very down. It has taken Leala a long time to recover and pick herself back up, but she has done this, and whilst deciding on her next course of action Leala has been meticulously following to a new diet of fruit and vegetable juices, to purify her body.

Following careful consideration Leala and her oncologist in Germany decided that Topetecan should be the next course of chemotherapy for Leala to take. Fortunately this is available at Essex County Hospital in Colchester. Initially Leala will begin a 6 week cycle undergoing chemotherapy every two weeks for one week then two weeks off. Following two cycles Leala will be scanned and if the tumors are shrinking they will continue the cycle. Leala began this treatment on February 16th.

Over the last month Leala herself has been very up and down. The constant agonising pain and tiredness has really taken its toll on Leala's quality of life. Leala is on an opiate pain relief and steroids to help reduce the inflammation of her liver in a bid to try and relieve her pain. Saying this however, when Leala is having a good day she is up and about and full of life, she's been shopping in Colchester and lunching with the girls . which in itself is a massive achievement as she hadn't been eating properly. Leala's already working out when she will be well enough to see people in her cycle so she can continue to enjoy life.

Once this cycle is over Leala would like to go to another clinic to try other methods of treatment, so we are of course continuing with the fund raising so she can have as many treatments as it will take in attempt to cure her.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Love for Leala x